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Photography Production and Services Studio

Starting @ $60/hour. Multi-hour discounts applied!

Book a professional, away-from-home, indoor location to help you produce that perfect shoot for yourself or your clients! Choose from a variety of backdrops and props available onsite. With flexible and extended hours available upon request, you can book easily online, or contact us to set up a session today! (707) 708-2610.  Email:

See our gallery below! Take the video tour.

All bookings final. Contact us for possible rearrangements/rescheduling. 

Online bookings for Photo Studio sessions require 24 hours notice. Please call for bookings within a 24 hour window. (707) 708-2610. Thanks! 

Email: Thanks!

Photography Studio Equipment

We have an accommodating array of props, backdrops and equipment available.

If you would like to use any of these items during your session simply reference the item name/number on your booking request form. Items are free to use with your booking unless otherwise noted. Thanks!

Select rotating props and decorations available in studio for your use, onsite for each booking! Plus...


20” × 28” 2.4GHz LED Softbox Dimmable 48W Lighting Kit w/ Color Filter + Color Temp and Dimmer Adjustment - Item #000

12312022 box lights with color lens impose 02.jpg

Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Item #001

12312022 Oontz.JPG

Bogen Tripod Model 3040 - Item #002


6.5ft x 10ft Backdrop Support System -  Item #003


40" x 16" x 16" Decorative Black Bench -  Item #004


Decorative Black Stool - Item #005


Long Neck Oscillating Fan - Item #006


20" x 60" Tall Decorative Mirror (Tan) - Item #007


30"W x 34"H x 11"D White Decorative Shelf - Item #008


28"W x 33"H Elegant Mirror - Item #009

12312022 square decorative mirror.jpg

Color Changing Desktop Design Ring Light - Item #010


80"L x 60"W x 20"H Inflatable Mattress - Item #011


Antique Brown Cushioned Chair - Item #012


Adjustable Heavy Duty Backdrop Frame 80" - 139" Width : 44" - 102" Height - Item #013


White Bed Canopy - Item #014

White Canopy.jpg

Black Bed Canopy - Item #015

Black Bed Canopy.jpg

Promaster Ultrasoft 914B LED Light Set - Bi-Color 9"x14" w/ Color Temp and Dimmer Adjustment - Item #022

12312022 bi color lights with panel impose 02_edited.jpg

White Sheet and Pillow Case (2) Set - Item #023


Patterned White Sheet and Pillow Case (2) Set - Item #024


Yellow Sheet and Pillow Case (2) Set - Item #025


Cocoon Chair - Item #027


White 10' x 20' Ceiling Mounted Cloth Backdrop Item #100

studioimage11292022-10 cloth.JPG

Green 10' x 20' Ceiling Mounted Backdrop - Item #101

studioimage11292022-12 cloth.JPG

Black 10' x 20' Ceiling Mounted Backdrop - Item #102

studioimage11292022-11 cloth .JPG

Grey 10' x 16' Ceiling Mounted Backdrop - Item #103

studioimage11292022-13 cloth.JPG

White 6.5ft x 10ft Portable Backdrop - Item #104


Black 6.5ft x 10ft Portable Backdrop - Item #105


Green 6.5ft x 10ft Portable Backdrop - Item #106


White Rustic Brick Design Portable Backdrop - Item #107


White Seamless Paper Backdrop 187" x 36" - Item #108

studioimage11292022-16 paper 187in. x 36in..JPG

Black Seamless Paper Backdrop 187" x 36" - Item #109

studioimage11292022-19 paper 187in. x 36in..JPG

Forest Green Seamless Paper Backdrop 187" x 36" - Item #110

studioimage11292022-20 paper 187in. x 36in..JPG

Thunder Grey Seamless Paper Backdrop 187" x 36" - Item #111

studioimage11292022-15 paper 187in. x 36in..JPG

Royal Blue Seamless Paper Backdrop 187" x 36" - Item #112

studioimage11292022-14 paper 187in. x 36in..JPG

Green Chroma Key Ready Seamless Paper Backdrop 187" x 36" - Item #113

studioimage11292022-21 paper 187in. x 36in..JPG
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